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This blog is dedicated to car mechanical services. Regular maintenance is one of the most important responsibilities of owning a car. Any owner wants to keep his auto in prime condition for as long as possible. Preventive car maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests getting done at certain mileage points for optimal performance. I'll share my experience and ideas about car maintenance, tools, etc. Feel free to comment my posts and tell us know your thoughts.

Water Heaters

There are many types and models of heaters, and finding best water heater is not so easy. The most common mistake is choosing inappropriate power device The best tankless water heater should also be safe, easy, and comfortable for you to use on a daily basis. We offer to you our guide for finding appropriate heater. To choose the right heater you need to answer few questions. How big is your family and home? How cold is your climate? These factors are important to estimate needed performance and efficiency. Electricity price in comparison to NG (LPG) price Gas line characteristics (for gas heaters), current main electrical panel’s amperage (for electric heaters).

On-demand devices have a longer lifespan, but they are inherently more expensive. Tankless heaters typically are priced several times higher than old-fashioned water heaters. Tankless water heaters usually require substantial and expensive upgrades in your system. Peak electricity needs of the heaters are substantial, it is often required a 200 AMP, 208 to 240 volt electrical service to run the device Gas heaters usually require 3/4" line, initial pressure: 8.0" w.c. or greater; inlet pressure: <2 psi; pressure drop: 3.0" w.c.

Tankless water heaters, on-demand or instantaneous water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. They only heat water when you need it. The best tankless water heater should be powerful enough to pump out the gallons per minute you need. These units are more efficient, you don’t have to pay to constantly keep a tank full of water hot.

Gas-powered units usually are more high-performing and more reliable over the long term than electric devices. The gas in the heater creates water vapor, it cools and condenses on a surface. Acidic condensation water corrodes home appliance materials. But condensing recycles extra heat and only vent the vapor when it’s no longer useful for the heating. A noncondensing heaters push these gases through to the outside and cool down outside the unit. Exhaust is hot and must be vented through special stainless venting (expensive).

Most known water heater brands are: AO Smith manufacturers tankless, solar, and hybrid water heaters. Rheem is one of the best manufacturer of water heaters. It offers units in tank, tankless, and point-of-use configurations. It’s heaters are available online. Whirlpool also manufactures gas and electric heaters, in standard and power vent configurations.

Tankless heaters are very small and can hang on the wall, saving you valuable floor space. The devices work long, but it depends on quality of the water, maintainance, etc. You can expect up to 15-20 years if the unit is maintained, back flushed, and is properly installed. Tankless water heaters’ high cost and additional expenses to upgrade electrical or gas lines can mean a large initial investment. But reduce in costs is up to 20% and it will pay itself.

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